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How Far Apartment is University of Toledo?

Finding an apartment close to the University of Toledo can be both exciting and stressful - we're here to help! This blog post examines various proximities so you can strike a balance between campus convenience and off-campus vibes - How far apartment is the University of Toledo?

Campus Comfort: Steps Away (0-1 Miles)

Living close by means waking up minutes before class! Enjoy this convenience with WUApartments, head straight for the library between lectures, or take a nap in your apartment during breaks!


  • Time-Saving: No Long Commuting Times For Sleep or Study. 

  • Social Hub: Easy to Attend Events and Connect with Friends. 

  • Minimized Transportation Costs: Walking/bicycling Save Money on Gas / Bus Passes


  • Higher rent: Apartments closest to campus often come with a premium price tag.

  • Limited space: Studio or one-bedroom apartments are more common, restricting roommate options.

  • Bustling atmosphere: Campus noise could get in the way and disturb peace and tranquillity.

Ideal For 

Early risers, social butterflies, budget-minded walkers, and bikers who prioritize convenience. 

The Golden Mitte offers Mid-Range Match (1-2 Miles)

Attain a balance between campus accessibility and peace. Enjoy shorter walking or bike trips or use the University of Toledo shuttle for fast travel times.


  • More affordable: Rent tends to be lower than super-close options.

  • Variety of choices: Studios, one-bedrooms, and even some shared apartments offer more flexibility.

  • Quieter surroundings: Refresh without drowning out the immediate campus noise while being close enough not to miss any action.


  • Moderate commute time/frequency of shuttle buses: Walking or bicycling takes longer, with shuttle frequency not meeting tight schedules as optimally.

  • LIMITED NIGHTLIFE AVAILABILITY: Relative to the central campus, there may be fewer restaurants/bars within walking distance for nightlife options.

Ideal For

Students looking for affordability and peace while maintaining easy access to campus.

Venturing Out: The 2-3 Mile Stretch

Switch up your lifestyle while maintaining easy campus access by making use of public transit, bikes, or even cars for quicker commute times.


  • Significantly Lower Rent: Budget-conscious options abound throughout area neighborhoods.

  • Diverse Housing Choices: Choose between apartments, houses, or shared accommodations in this space. 

  • Quieter Neighborhoods: Enjoy peaceful environments away from campus life


  • Longer commute: Relying on transportation adds time and potential hassle.

  • Limited campus involvement: Participating in spontaneous events or late-night study sessions might require planning.

  • Car-dependent: Owning a car might be necessary for convenient commutes and errands.

Ideal For

Ideal candidates include upperclassmen seeking affordable living arrangements in spacious living quarters in an uncrowded environment and who don't mind planning out their campus involvement activities in advance.

Beyond Distance Consider Lifestyle Change

Keep your lifestyle in mind too: Distance may not be the sole deciding factor here.

  • Transport options: Do you own, ride, or depend upon public transit for transport needs?

  • Social preferences: Do you crave constant campus interaction or prefer a quieter atmosphere?

  • Budget: How much can you comfortably afford in rent and transportation?

  • Nightlife: Are bars and restaurants important, or is peace and tranquility more your goal?

WUApartments Is Your Ally

How far apartment is University of Toledo? - Finding your ideal apartment can be challenging. At WUApartments, we make your search simple by offering listings and Westwood Apartments in Toledo that allow you to filter by distance, price, amenities, and more. Reach out to one of our helpful leasing agents for tailored advice; WUApartments can assist in helping you locate a place of comfort no matter its distance!

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